Poster boards are in portrait format and the poster size is 120 cm height x 90 cm width

Poster Hall Location and Schedule
The poster sessions will take place Monday and Tuesday during coffee and lunch breaks in Nordurbryggja Hall in Harpa.
Posters will be displayed throughout the conference, although presenters are only required to be present at their board during their assigned presentation time.

Presenters can decide when they will be present, it can be either in one break or more. It is up to each presenter to decide.

We kindly ask you to put a post it note on your poster, at the time of set up, to let know when you will be presenting your poster.
The authors in attendance time is the time when the respective authors of a poster session must be present at their display for presentation.

Set up and removal times
Posters can be set up from 08:00 on Monday morning. Authors are asked to take down their posters at the end of the conference on Tuesday.
Mounting supplies (tape) will be provided.

Author(s)  Poster title Country
Jakub Marek Differences in perception of the world in two different groups of homeless people Czech republic
Marja Tyybäkinoja The social worker’s role in a forensic psychiatric examination Finland
Aysel Sultan Marginalized adolescent high-risk drug users in Azerbaijan and Germany Germany
Jóna Ólafsdóttir, S. Hrafnsdóttir & T. Orjasniemi Addiction within families: Marginalization and stigma Iceland
Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir, Pnina Dolberg, Ursula Turmmer Age discrimination in immigration policies in three different countries Iceland/Israel/Austria
Marko Milanović, Miroslav Brkić & Dragana Stöckel Toward inclusive communities for persons with disabilities in Serbia Serbia
Blanca Deusdad Challenges of ageing-in-place in urban places: the case of the city of Tarragona (Spain) Spain
Gloria Maria Caravantes & Rubén Masiá Martínez Comparative analysis in vulnerable areas: two area cases in the Valencian Community (Spain) Spain
Annika Åkvist Support to children living with parents with psychotic disorder Sweden
Andrew Richardson The power of co-production in Adult Social Care United Kingdom
Roxana Anghel Building an unofficial refugee camp in a liminal environment: a process of decision-making and participation (from the perspective of long term volunteers) United Kingdom
Alisa West Cahill Developing a Responsive Workforce to Enact Positive Aging Practices in Oklahoma, USA USA
Katariina Felixson Towards Increased Well-being and Participation of Older People by the Means of Voluntary Work Finland
Samantha Onieka Mendoza Topic- “Exploring Experiences of Women over 50 Ageing with HIV in Trinidad” West Indies
Julia Mirsky Research and Education on Migrants’ Lives in Israel Israel
Sigurveig H. Sigurðardóttir & Sirrý Sif Sigurlaugardóttir Evidence based practise in gerontological social work Iceland
Alan Maddock Mindfulness training as a clinical intervention for homeless adults: a pilot study. Ireland
Viggo Krüger Music therapy as a supplementing service to the professional needs of Norwegian child welfare – how to facilitate participatory practices? Norway
Gadi Nisim Generation-Units and the Social Workers Union – The Israeli Case Israel
Tanya Voss Student reported factors in deciding (not) to pursue international field USA
Kaisa Vuolukka Kinship foster care in Finland – Short review compering to other Skandinavian countries Finland
Elina Tuulikki Renko Alcohol-related problems and marginalization – attitudes of social workers and their clients Finland
Melinda Jiménez La utilitzación de los recursos sociales municipales por los trabajadores sociales sanitaricos Spain
Aija Zobena Cooperation between University and State Probation service in Social Work Education in Latvia Latvia
Marijana Majdak, Maria Možanić Professional stress and burnout among helping professionals working with people with socially unacceptable behaviour Croatia
Lucija Vejmelka Excluded online: Risks for children and youth in virutal environment Croatia
Marijana Kletečki Radović Social work in the development of non-institutional care for people with mental health conditions:  The case of Croatia Croatia
Aytakin Huseynli Examining Under Five Child Mortality in Oil, Gas and Mineral Rich Countries Azerbaijan
Ann-Mari Andersen Marginalization in social work in Artic and North-Sámi Area – Ways to empower people in a changing society Norway
Blanca Deusdad SoCaTel. A multi-stakeholder co-creation platform for better access to social services’ Spain
Cheryl-Ann Boodram Voices from the Margins: Exploring the Experiences of Deported Men in Trinidad and Tobago West Indies
Jose Antonio Alavarez Diaz The “Social Commitment Program” developed in the Correctional Facility of “El Dueso” (Spain) Spain
Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg & Alice Thams Fredsgaard Comparative study of response to sexually abused children in Greenland and Denmark Denmark
Maayan Burstein Migration,  Marginalization  and Well- Being Young African Asylum Seeker in Israeli Youth Village Israel
Malin Björkquist Support group for next of kin to patients diagnosed with ALS/MND Sweden
Paola Pontarollo Integration about crininal children Italy
Sigrún Júlíusdóttir and Gunnjóna Una Guðmundsdóttir Families with Cancer – Children‘s Conditions. A three years’ research project Iceland
Silvia Adillón Salas Polycare – home care to improve conditions of patients´ life Spain
Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović Evalutation of piloting diversion measeures implentation in Serbia Serbia
Freydís Jóna Freysteinsdóttir Femicide in Iceland during the last 30 years Iceland
Gro Jensen, Else Boine & Ann-Mari Andersen Ways to empower young people in a changing society. Norway
Natalja Ugbah & Outi Timonen Initial assessment in child welfare social work – “Ahma” Finland
Valerie O’Brien Adoption within the Irish Care System: Linkages between Oppressive Historical Practices and Future Possibilities Ireland
Wang Ziyu The Evolving of Adolescent-parent Relationship Indicator in Adolescent’s Well-being Finland
Ásta Snorradóttir The experience of stress during major organizational changes in the Icelandic banks following their collapse in 2008 Iceland
Jose Antonio Alvarez Diaz The Cinema, Values and  Prosocial Development Workshop Spain
Peter Unwin The marginalisation of parents and carers in England’s child sexual exploitation cases United Kingdom
Catherine Hughes Who will the social workers of the future be?” New Zealand
Carol Adamson How do we make a generic social work curriculum disaster-informed? New Zealand
Annelise Murakami & Nicolai Paulse Mobilizing cooperation between education and trade union of Social Workers Denmark
Margrét & Sigríður Anna Courses for parents Iceland
Niels Christian Barkholt The changing society needs a new management paradigm Denmark