Icelandic Party at Idno
Vonarstraeti 3, 101 Reykjavík

To celebrate and complete the IFSW Europe conference we will come together in an Icelandic party at Idno.

Life music: Margrét Arnardóttir plays the accordion

Finger food and drinks

After dinner, we will dance into the Icelandic summer night to the music of Budarbandid


Lobster soup
Bruschetta-Chicken, rucola, pesto
Bruschetta-Feta cheese, spring onions, sundried tomatoes
Bruschetta-Hummus, sesame seeds
Tiger shrimp-Ginger, chilli, coriander
Maroccan meatballs-Mint sauce
Chicken fillet-Tandoori, koriander
Grilled lamb fillet-Cinnamon
Cured lamb-Pumkin seeds, granite apple, sugar snaps
Hot smoked duck breast-Carrot cream, fennel
Hot smoked atlantic salmon-Seleriac puree
Blue ling- red curry, coriander
Salted cod-Olives, garlic, tomatoes
Chocolate strawberries
White chocolate mousse-Pistachios, red currant