Country Author(s) of workshop/
Title of workshop/presentation   Type of session
Iceland Guðrún Þorgerður Ágústsdóttir & Jóna Guðný Eyjólfsdóttir Homeless people Presentation
Ireland Maria Swan The Right to a Home: Does the housing First Model work during a Houseing Crisis? Presentation
Denmark Birthe Povlsen Housing First Europe – a way to end or reduce homelessness in European countries Presentation
Iceland Helena Wolimbwa Social Work without Borders Workshop
United Kingdom Brian Littlechild “Co-production: A key element of ethical and effective approaches to social work with service users, carers, and staff in social work practice and policy- a critically evaluative account of the current discourse, with examples from research, policy, and educational developments” Workshop
Ireland Maeve Foreman &
Muireann Ní Raghallaigh
Responding to asylum seekers living on the margins of Irish society: The experiences of social work practitioners Presentation
Croatia Sergej Augustin Erdelja (RAN) Presentation of a RAN (Radicalisation awareness network) and a role of a social work in a radicalisation cases Presentation
Sweden Jessica H. Jönsson &
Sofie G Karlsson
Migration, older refugees and social work Presentation
IFSW Europe Cristina Martins & Ian Johnston Empowering Partnerships: Putting people with a rare disease ‘in the driving seat’ Presentation
 Ireland Joe Duffy, Jim Campbell, Carolyn Ewart
& Rory Truell
Social Work and Political Conflict: constructing new opportunities for peace building and social change  Workshop
Denmark Line Berg Dignifying families at risk: How a change in caseworker approach changes user perspective, agency and perception of self Workshop
Finland Laura Keisanen Digital Child Protection Workshop
Sweden Pia Tham The changing role of Swedish Social workers in social services Workshop
USA Meredith C. F. Powers, Cathryne Schmitz & Daniel Rhodes Climate Change: Compounding Factors of Marginalization in International Migration Workshop
Germany Axel Olaf Kern & Perpetua Schmid Client Oriented Marketing in Social Services – Example of Residential Addiction Rehab Centers Presentation
Finland Katariina Kohonen Social work and digital innovations: a self-management program for financial troubles as an example Presentation
Netherlands Charlotte Bristoll “Empowerment of sex workers in Amsterdam”: Workshop
IFSW Europe Josefine Johansson Good examples of European social work – the European Global Agenda Observatory Presentation
Denmark Birgitte Zeeberg, Maja Haack & Annemette Matthiessen Does specialization in social work imply an increased risk of marginalization for children, youth and families? Presentation
Armenia Mira Antonyan The issue of professionalization of social work services in Armenia Presentation
United Kingdom Anna Gupta, Brid Featherston &
Kate Morris
Let’s stop feeding the risk monster: towards a social model of ‘child protection’ Workshop
Ireland Valerie O’Brien The Intersection of been “Both a Sending and Receiving Country in Intercoutry Adoption”: A Case Study exploring USA and Ireland historical and Current Practices Presentation
Iceland Erla Björg Sigurðardóttir &
Elísabet Karlsdóttir
Parents on the Margin- Children’s Heritage Presentation
Scotland Carol Wassell Changing the way we think about kinship care Presentation
Sweden Camilla Järborg ”I’m glad you asked. I was hoping to share this with someone” Asking patient about experiences of intimate partner violence at a psychiatric outpatient clinic Presentation
Israel Nehami Baum Gender Sensitive Intervention to Improve Work with Fathers in Child Welfare Services Presentation
Austria Eva Fleischer The Anti-Bias-Approach – a useful concept to deal with intersectionality in social Work Workshop
Netherlands Collin den Braber Professional agency of Social Workers in times of austerity Workshop
Georgia Salome Namicheishvili, Natia Partskhaladze, Sopho Barbakadze & Sulkhan Chargeishvili Child Care System Reform in Georgia and the Role of Social Workers in Achieving Better Outcome for Children and Families Workshop
Canada Roxane Caron «I agreed to speak to you in order to.. » Ethical Reflections on Research in Refugee Camps Presentation
Canada Caroline Lester « For me it was a relief, because it’s the first time I really talked about my experience from beginning to end »: Life stories of asylum seekers in Montreal Presentation
Canada Myriam Richard When Research Gives (Back) A Voice to Refugees and Immigrants : Co-creating the « Immigrant Parents in Transition » Workshop program Presentation
Mira Antonyan, Aytakin Huseynli, Nino Shatberashvili &
Vadim Moldovan
Professionalization of Social Work in Post-Socialist Countries – Cases of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova Workshop
Iceland Katrín Guðný Alfreðsdóttir Substance misuse, policy planning and harm reduction. Workshop
United Kingdom Maggie Mellon & Catriona Grant Parent Advocacy and Rights (PAR) – an account of an alliance between social workers and parents with lived experience of child protection and care processes to improve decisions and outcomes for children. Workshop
Netherlands Cornelia Niehof Still a problem for persons with disabilities- a practical example Presentation
Austria Andrea Trenkwalder-Egger “Rückenwind” Project – an example of gift–giving oriented social work Presentation
Norway Svanhildur Gudmundsdottir &
Inger Johanne Solheim
“Keep knocking on my door” The research circle – cooperation between NAV, young and unemployed service users, employers, volunteer centre and researches. presentation
Portugal Graca Maria André Social Workers Education and Human Rights Realization Presentation
Netherlands Collin den Braber (NL) and Michel Tirions (BE) The Capability Approach and Human Rights in Social Work Presentation
Israel Amit Zriker, Dr. Anat Freund Professional preferences of social work students: A comparison between Haredi and secular students Presentation
Sweden Anna Gärdegård Unaccomponied minors in the Nordic Workshop
United Kingdom Andrew Townsend Exploration of the Age Assessment Process used with Unaccompanied Minors: A Perspective from the United Kingdom Presentation
Croatia Marijana Majdak, Štefica Karačić, Tanja Katkić Stanić Children of Imprisoned Parents: Croatian Perspective Presentation
Georgia Shorena Sadzaglishvili The Pathways to Homelessness in the Post Soviet Context Presentation
Ireland Susan Mackey ‘The Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare’ Workshop
Israel Hany Amsallem, MSW ‘Policy Change’ in Community Social Work – Helping Marginal and Disadvantaged Populations Workshop
Spain Alicia Rubio Giménez Modelo de Intervención profesional con personas en situación en exclusión: especial referencia Síndrome de Diógenes Presentation
Spain Ana Gómez Caride Exclusión tecnológica y sociedad del conocimiento Presentation
Spain Ángeles Cruz Jabalera &
Adela López Bernabéu
El aprendizaje significativo y la creatividad como motor de cambio en el Trabajo Social Presentation
Norway Halvor Fauske, Willy Lichtwarck, Bente Heggem Kojan, Graham Clifford, Edgar Marthinsen, Anita Skorstad Storhaug & Amy Holtan Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Class Workshop
Iceland Hlín Sæþórsdóttir Migration and Human Trafficking: Practical Applications for Social Work Workshop
Iceland Hrefna Ólafsdóttir Prevention and Mental Health Workshop
United Kingdom Lena Dominelli Beyond Marginality:  The Exclusion of White Working Class Men from a Prosperous Europe, What Can/Should Social Workers Do? Workshop
Netherlands Charlotte Bristoll Male Sex Workers Presentation
India Beena E Thomas1, Karikalan, Katie Bello, Pandiaraja, Balaguru & Mathew Mimiaga  Mobile phone based intervention for high-risk Indian MSM sex workers: Could this be an effective tool for improvements in communication towards sexual risk reduction? Presentation
Latvia Līga Rasnača, Iveta Darzniece Sex-offenders from the perspective of Criminal Justice Social Work Presentation
Denmark Susan Sylvest How to communicate with your citizen in a digitalized world Workshop
Georgia Eka Chofikashvili, Nini Sandukhadze, Sopio Sanikidze Developing field of social work in criminal justice – Georgian and European Experience Sharing Workshop
Portugal Ana Godinho Lisbon & Helena Almeida Neves Frames of an ethnographic study on social work with people from Portuguese-speaking Countries (PALOP) Presentation
Japan Viktor Virág Indigenous Ainu people Presentation
Sweden Margaretha Uttjek Preventive and early measures to address violence against Sami women and children Presentation
Sweden Maria Malmgren, Sara Millberg School social work in Sweden: Enhancing professionalism, cooperation with social services and present research in school social work Presentation
Israel Edna Kapel-Green “It’s a life saving turning point”: Adolescent dropouts tell their story about Hoschen School Presentation
Norway Gisle Hallan Socialwork in a family and network perspective Workshop
USA Shirley Gatenio Gabel & Susan Mapp Human Rights and Social Work: Do the Sustainable Development Goals show us the path? Workshop
United Kingdom Nigel Hall, Colleen Lundy & Ana Radulescu Marginalization and Social Work in a Changing Society Workshop Workshop
Norway Marianne Rugkåsa & Signe Ylvisaker Cultural competence in social work. A constructive position or a contribution to othering and marginalization? Presentation
Israel Hozam Hardal & Edith Blit-Cohen Female Palestinian Community Social Workers – Israeli Citizenship:  Between The Personal and The Political Presentation
Iceland Guðný Björk Eydal, Carin Björngren Cuadra, Lis Klovning Hansen Montes de Oca, Ingibjörg Lilja Ómarsdóttir & Merja Rapeli Disaster Social Work in the Nordic Countries: Sustainability and Social Capital Workshop
Denmark Birgitte Rasmussen, Ninna Koefoed & Nicolai Paulsen ViKaSku – We Can Do It! Workshop
Canada Jeanette Robertson &
Jennifer Murphy
Inclusivity vs. Marginalization: How Students with Disabilities Navigate the Practicum Experience in their Social Work Education Presentation
Denmark Gina Søndergaard  Lydersen &
Tilde Østergaard Sørensen
Project Experience Supervisor Presentation
Israel Prof. Orit Nuttman-Shwartz &
Sarit Shay
The effects of globalization and social changes on marginalized populations: Is a new social work curriculum for the 21st century needed? Presentation
Germany Mark Humm Social practice of behaviour and activation. Critical thoughts about current marginalization in the school to work transition Workshop
Georgia Ia Shekriladze, Eka Chkonia Social Work in Mental Health: International Experience and Georgian Reality Workshop
Iceland Hervör Alma Árnadóttir Practice Research in a changing Society: Overcoming barriers Presentation
Ireland Paul Michael Garrett The words we use: ‘Welfare words’ and marginalization in social work Presentation
New Zealand Carole Adamson Companion animals and disasters: how best can social work organisations respond? Presentation
Israel Brian Auslander The Role of Social Workers Before and After Emergencies and Disasters Presentation
Iceland Sigurveig H. Sigurðardóttir & Ingemar Kåreholt Informal and Formal Care of Older People Living at Home in Iceland Presentation
Moldova Vadim Moldovan “From privilege to pauperism: The plight of the elderly in the post-socialist realm” Presentation
USA HeeSoon Lee & Heejoo Gwen Kim Animated Documentary Films to Raise Awareness of Elder Abuse through the Interdisciplinary Collaboration Presentation
USA Maria Napoli, Jamie Valderrama & Soffia Palsdottir Mindfulness and Social Work Education. Practicing the Four-Step MAC Guide: From Stress to Homeostasis Presentation
Israel Miri Arama Mindfulness meditation as a therapeutic tool Presentation
Spain Débora Hernández Gómez Taller de acompañamiento social basado en mindfulness: de la conciencia hacia la conexión social Presentation
Croatia Olja Družić Ljubotina, Marijana Kletečki Radović & Marijana Majdak Stigmatization of children who live in terms of poverty: can it be different? Presentation
Denmark Camilla Steen Christensen, Eva Barfred Jacobsen, Katrine Bergstrøm Misser & John Steen Johansen Project CYRAC – Children and Youth as Researchers and Agents of Change in a Local Community Presentation
United Kingdom Paul Rigby Improving the Protection and Wellbeing of Children: International Collaboration Presentation
Germany Lutz Kasier Social Security in Transition – Transdisciplinary Approaches for Contemporary Social Challenges’ Presentation
Portugal FERNANDA RODRIGUES Survival strategies and/or futurescapes? – Social work in times of welfare restrictions Presentation
Norway Laila Granli Aamodt, Sofie Normann, Brit Jørgensen & Tone Eldøen Social Work in Light of Jane Addams Workshop
United Kingdom Gauci, D. Ryding, Foot, S. Ryding Therapeutic groupwork skills responding to young people experiencing conflict in European communities of change Workshop
Turkey Burcu HATİBOĞLU EREN Marginalization of women and social workers who work with women: Case of Turkey Presentation
Turkey Görkem Kelebek Divorced women who are exposed to domestic violence live in shelters Presentation
Turkey Özlem Cankurtaran & Hande Albayrak Invisibility of Different Mothering Types In the Face of Mothering Ideology Presentation
UK (N-Ireland) David Bolton Understanding and responding to the needs of those affected by the civil conflict in Northern Ireland on the population Workshop
Denmark Henrik Egelund Nielsen Preparedness Instruments for Social Workers for the implementation and impact of the new legislation on reductions of social benefits in Denmark Workshop
Spain Spanish General Council of Social Work La sosteniblidad es cosa de todo/as Presentation
New Zealand Catherine Hughes Take Me Home Documentary

Note: This is a preliminary version of the programme. The programme is subject to change at any time.
Updated version of the programme will be announced in due course.